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We are updating our Lupus Support Groups Page this month. Please take a moment and visit the Support Groups Page to see if your support group is listed and correct. If it is not listed or incorrect please Email Webmaster.

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Lupus Diet
There are no foods that cause or cure Lupus. A nutritional diet can reduce inflammation, maintain strong bones and muscles, reduce the risk of heart disease, and help you maintain a healthy weight. People with Lupus should eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegtables, whole grains, and moderate amounts of protein The Lupus diet is also low in salt and fat.
Volume 7, Issue 8 
October 25, 2012

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Orange in October
For the third year in a row we have gone orange for the month of October in recognition and support of Lupus organizations that us the orange awareness ribbon as opposed to the purple ribbon. These orgainzations include: Lupus Research Institute, S.L.E. Lupus Foundation, & Lupus Alliance of America,
Lupus News
Lupus Patients May Benefit From Vitamin D Supplements
Experimental Test Builds on LRI-Funded Work to Improve Lupus Diagnosis
Researching B Cells Reveals Clues About Lupus

A Molecule Found That Puts The Brakes On Inflammation

November Events
Beverly Hills, CA Lunch 1st
Manhattan, NY Seminar 1st
Caille, UT Gala 3rd
Clifton, NJ Sale 3rd
Baltimore, MD Summitt 3rd
New York, NY Marathon 4th
Atlanta, GA Art Gala 10th
Pittsburgh, PA Event 10th
Dallas, TX Walk 10th
Los Angeles, CA Walk 10th
Palm Beach, FL Walk 10th
Tuscon, AZ Bike Ride 17th
Milwaukee, WI 29th

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