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For Lupus Fighters, By Lupus Fighters.
Promoting Lupus Awareness and Research to Find a Cure.
Providing Information, Support, & Lupus Awareness Products.

About is a website designed for Lupus fighters, by Lupus fighters. It provides hundreds of pages of information about Lupus, Lupus Diagnosis, Lupus symptoms, Lupus Treatments, and Lupus Research all in a way that can be easily understood by Lupus fighters, their supporters and the general public. is also a portal to various support services such as Lupus support groups, online Lupus support, information on how you can get involved in the fight against Lupus, and articles and advice from other Lupus fighters. The store offers Lupus awareness clothing, Lupus awareness Jewelry, Lupus awareness decorations for your car, home and office, as well as many other purple awareness ribbon items. Proceeds from the sale of these items go to Lupus awareness, Lupus research, and Lupus support services. Staff

Kendra Isola (center), one of the founders, has suffered from life threatening Lupus since the age of 13. Kendra, like most Lupus patients, lives everyday with debilitating pain, fatigue, depression and other symptoms even though her Lupus is in remission. The reason for this is because the medications used to treat Lupus can be just as debilitating as the disease itself. This is why focuses on Lupus research aimed at finding a cause and a cure for Lupus rather than more toxic treatments. Kendra volunteers by doing a lot of the web design for when she is feeling well. She also sets the vision and focus for the company. She also served on the board of the Lupus Foundation of America Iowa chapter for two years. Email  

Matthew Isola (second from the right), one of's founders was first introduced to Lupus when he met Kendra in 1996. Like most Americans he had heard of the disease but had no idea what it was. Shortly after Matthew and Kendra were married in 2002 Kendra's Lupus became so debilitating that she was no longer able to work and she had to file for disability. Around this time Matthew was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Those early years of feeling alone and unsupported, dealing with these issues has driven Matthew in his fight against this disease. Matthew volunteers with day-to-day operations and customer service. Email  

Kerri Teed (far right) is Kendra Isola's father. He has watched the devastation Lupus has caused in his daughter's life and now works to defeat this disease. Kerri volunteers with by participating in events around the country, raising Lupus awareness and money for Lupus research.

Char Teed (second from the left), Kendra's grandmother, also helps with because she has watched the effects of Lupus on Kendra and other Lupus sufferers. She has been a nurse for over 30 years and brings a unique perspective to the company. Char helps with advocacy both on the local and national level. She contributes to the content of the site including helping us keep up on the latest research. She also has worked with The Lupus Foundation of America, Iowa Chapter, Inc.

Many other family members, friends and supporters contribute time, money and content to as well.

We are educating the public, raising awareness and looking for a cure for this deadly disease! You can help us by shopping for Lupus products, telling your friends and family about this site, donating to Lupus research organizations, and sharing your story, thoughts and ideas!

Our mission is focused on Lupus Awareness, Education and Research. For that reason we are open to anything that furthers those goals. If you have or know of another Lupus site, an event that benefits another organization, etc. please let us know about them. We would be happy to help spread the word!

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