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Lupus Poetry & Humor

Poetry and humor can be great ways to express your feelings or to connect with others that may be feeling the same way you are. You don't have to be a poet, I certainly am not. Below is some poetry and humor written by Lupus patients their family and friends. If you would like to submit poetry or humor click here.

I Hate You - Latoya Terry

Untitled5 - Ken Moyer

A Lupus Poem I Wrote For My Sister - Jessica Vassel

My Beautiful Wife- CB Amos

Tweet - Tweet - Sherry Kersey

Freedom of Lupus - Charlene McCorry

Secret of Mine - Kris Delamora

My Ticket, My Claim - Diane Parra

My Mom - Erika Lessen

Bathroom - Catherine Ware

Comforting Words- Catherine Ware

Queen - Catherine Ware

People Ask Me- Atiya R Meadows-Thomas

If You Can- Atiya R Meadows-Thomas

Watered- Atiya R Meadows-Thomas

I'd Walk in the Rain - Atiya R Meadows-Thomas

Flames from Within - Nicole Boyer

God is my Polit - Catherine Ware

Untitled4 - Ashley Cennamo

Untitled3 - Cassandra Bell

Summer Pleasure - Sherry Kersey

Time Flies - Sherry Kersey

My Best Frenemy - Kendra Isola

(Untitled) - Karen Jarrell-Robinson

Lupus - Katherine

With Each Day's Wakening - Proud Mama of a Survivor

Days Like Today - Jeanene Richardson

"Lupus" the Monster in Me - Brenda Anderson

Prednisone - Carla Ulbrich

Beautiful Morning - Sherry Kersey

Seaside - Sherry Kersey

El Lobo (The Wolf) - Karen Jarrell-Robinson

Waylaid by Lupus - Sherry Kersey

I Gotta Boogie - Sherry Kersey

Loop-de-Loop - Sherry Kersey

I Believe - Sherry Kersey

If I Could Have My Dream - Sherry Kersey

Lupus Cartoons - Mark Magee

Lupus Patient's Pain - Kim Graham

The Wolf and I - Dameeka

Thru The Eyes - Lesa

Why I Have Lupus - Kendra Isola

A Little Peace of Mind - Lesa

Finding Lesa - Lesa

I am not this body - Kendra Isola

Now - Kendra Isola

Steroids, just another curse! - Tamika Malone

Lupus - Doreen Pagan~Reenie

Tattoos - Kendra Isola

Trapped - Kendra Isola does not necessarily endorse or agree with view expressed in the poems submitted by others.

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