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For Lupus Fighters, By Lupus Fighters.
Promoting Lupus Awareness and Research to Find a Cure.
Providing Information, Support, & Lupus Awareness Products.

Lupus Symbols

Purple Awareness RibbonPurple - Purple represents courage and endurance things all lupus patients must have.

Orange Awareness RibbonOrange - Orange is also used to represent Lupus awareness. 

Lupus ButterflyButterfly - Traditionally the butterfly represents freedom, transformation and recovery. Also, one of the more common symptoms of Lupus is called a butterfly rash. It is a red rash across the nose and cheeks that resembles a butterfly. That is why the butterfly has become the symbol of hope for Lupus patients.

Lupus Wolf FaceWolf - The word lupus in Latin means wolf. This word was used for this disease due to the rash that many patients get a rash across their face that was said to resemble the markings on wolves' faces.  Also, the rashes caused by Lupus can look like bite and scratches made by an attacking wolf. 

Ribbon w/ a knot tied in it - This symbol represents the complexity and uncertainty of the disease.  

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