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For Lupus Fighters, By Lupus Fighters.
Promoting Lupus Awareness and Research to Find a Cure.
Providing Information, Support, & Lupus Awareness Products.

Lupus Awareness Month

There are many ways you can join the Lupus community in celebrating May as Lupus Awareness Month and May 10th as World Lupus Day.

Lupus Awareness Events Join a Lupus awareness fundraiser, educational seminar, golf event, or a Lupus walk. To find an event near you, visit our Lupus Events Calendar.

Make a donation to a Lupus Charity to fund research for a cause or cure for Lupus.

Send an informative e-card to friends and family. Courtesy of the Lupus Foundation of America.

Pass out Lupus Awareness wristbands, or other Lupus Awareness Merchandise.

Write to your local media outlets telling them it is Lupus Awareness Month and how important coverage is:

On Monday, May 10th Tweet #WorldLupusDay. Let's see if we can make it a top trending topic.

Write, email and/or call your Congresspeople, Senators, the President, your governor, and your local and state lawmakers. Tell them to support Lupus legislative issues and to fund Lupus research.

Talk to the people, especially women, in your life about lupus. They’ll have questions. Here’s where to find the answers: What is lupus?, What are its symptoms?, How is it diagnosed?, How is it treated?.

Wear and display Lupus Awareness Month products (redesigned for 2012) to show your support and let others know it is Lupus Awareness Month.

Lupus Awareness Month Products Lupus Lupus Awareness Month Tote Bag Lupus Awareness Month Jr. Tank Top Lupus Awareness Month Sweatshirt Lupus Awareness Month Value Tee Lupus Awareness Month V-Neck Lupus Awareness Month Women's Tank  Lupus Awareness Month Mousepad  Lupus Awareness Month Keychain

Lupus Awareness Month Roses. Pass these out at work, school, to friends and family to remind them about Lupus Awareness Month and the importance of supporting Lupus awareness and research.

World Lupus Day Roses

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