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Lupus & Tattoos

One of the most common questions we receive is inquiring whether it is "ok" for people with Lupus to get a tattoo.

The Lupus Foundation of America has this to say about the subject:

"There are no specific problems that have been associated with tattoos in lupus patients. Keep in mind the small risk of infection with hepatitis B and C. Occasionally lupus patients have been known to have a reaction to the tattoo dye but this is very rare. Remember, if you are on immunosuppressive medication, this may increase the chances of infection and slow healing of the tattoo area. As with other procedures, it is best done when you are in remission or a welled controlled mild disease state. Consult with your physician prior to getting your tattoo."

Also, if you are on blood thinners you may not be able to sit for long sessions. The longer someone is being tattooed, the more the skin is irritated and the more they bleed, pushing the pigment back out in spots. This does not apply to small tattoos (under 1 hour) or to black and gray tattoos. Laser tattoo removal is not reccomended for those with Lupus, so be extra certain of the tattoo you are getting.

"Kendra has thought about getting a tattoo for many years but was afraid of the pain and healing time. For her 30th birthday in January 2008 she decided to go for it. She wanted to get a tattoo that represented her passion and work for the Lupus Awareness Cause so she chose a purple butterfly carrying a purple ribbon. To add dimension a second color was added to the butterfly. A blueish teal was chosen in honor of Kendra's sister who has Scleroderma."

"Kendra having Lupus and Fibromyalgia was nervous about the pain, however found the entire process to be only slightly painful, perhaps comparable to a shallow sting. Kendra is also on immunosuppressives and was very diligent about aftercare. The tattoo healed up perfectly with no infection or complication within 1 week. Since getting the tattoo, we have gotten several compliments and even a few very flattering copies. Email us pictures of your Lupus tattoo to"

Kendra w/ Lupus TattooLupus Tattoo Kendra on her Birthday (tattoo 1 wk. old) Close-up of the Tattoo

Submit your tattoo to

My tat is 3 wks old and a mom of 4 married to a very supportive man and I refuse to give up and live my life to the fullest


This is the way my family showing that they support me .like 10 I think got same tattoo. Mine is different My name is steve Olvera Sr

I got this tattoo 9 months after I found out I had lupus

My name is jill and I have lupus. I am not going to let lupus run my life

Hello my name is Gennie C. and I was diagnosed with Lupus and Sjogren and Fibro in July 2012. I have two aunts with Lupus one deceased and one still living. my best friend died from complications of her Lupus 19 yrs ago. i decided to get this tattoo because i have been having a hard time with the physical part of my Lupus. But i am a warrior.

I had the dragon fly tattoo and the heart from lk 2 or 3 years ago. But I just got the butterfly today with the saying Lupus warrior. My name is Amber Saina. I have Systemic Lupus. I am 25 years old. I was diagnosed at the age of 15, had it since I was 12. I have all kinds of problems with my illness. From stage 5 kidney damage, lung damage, liver problems, heart problems, skin problems, bone disease avascular necrosis (which made me get both my knees replaced at the same time at age 17, and then again on the left last year due to a staff infection, and all kinds of problems. But I live my everyday life as positive and strong as I can. I have beat so many odds, that I am a strong fighter. I will beat this devil inside me everyday of my life! I'm a Warrior, a fighter, and I won't give up on life bcuz of a stubborn illness like this.

Hearing The Words You have Lupus Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks. So I Wanted To Do Something That Would Always Remind Me That Lupus Was Here To Stay And I Had To Fight Through The Pain. My Ribbon Represents Me, Lupus, The Battle I Have To Fight For Myself And The Ones That Doesn't Even Know Lupus Yet!

I designed this tattoo and wear it proudly!

I first got this tattoo for my aunt that lost her battle with Lupus not knowing that I will be fighting my on fight with lupus. My symptoms started 3 years ago, but was diagnosis in Jan. 2011. I also suffer from osteoarthritis. Butterfly also represent new beginning, so each step I am able to make is a new day to win the battle over Lupus!

Hello my name is Bonnie Evans, I just got a lupus tattoo for myself and my two sisters. I have had lupus for over 25 years. My older had lupus for about 10 years, and she past almost 3 years ago I miss her very much, she had gotten leukemia.Thanks Bonnie Evans

wanted to send you a picture of my lupus tattoo that I designed.

Hello, I wanted to share my tattoos. I'm 30 years old and I was diagnosed with Sjogrens, SLE and Fibromyalgia two years ago. I'm a mother of two kids. I'm currently taking classes for the RN program and work 30+ hours a week at an Oncology office. My diseases have motivated me to do the best I can to move ahead.

Me and my daughter got matching tattoos on our legs.

I've had Lupus since I was 8 years old now I am 19 . I felt like I needed this tattoo to show and represent all the pain I have gone through!  It's located on my wrist where I will always see this beautiful butterfly spreading its wings as I begin to fly . Started off as a home schooled student to attending the EMT Program, I am defiantly not letting lupus control me!  <3

My name is Jennifer and I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2007 and they say it has been since childhood. I am on minimum medications bc of side affects and allergic reactions. I do my own research and take good care of my body and eat good diet. I wouldn't wish Lupus on the devil but it has made me stronger and more aware of my health and lack of knowledge within medical community. Most Drs don't wanna be bothered with us and see us as hypochondriacs.

I’ve had Discoid Lupus since I was about 25, it’s taken until 52 to get it diagnosed properly after years of various tests/biopsies etc.. It was good to finally have a name for the misery of not being able to be in the sun, even with sunscreen since I’m an outdoor person. After visiting your site and realizing that we Lupie's can handle tattoos, and having always wanted one, I did it, not one but two. These are the tattoos I got to signify the Wolf of Lupus, howling in anguish at the sun with the elusive butterfly cure in the distance. The other butterfly is to remind me that butterfly signifies transformation and change, and that is what Lupus is – every flare is different and to examine, understand, and accept what you have to do to tolerate and minimize each one.

My name is Elizabeth I am 47 years old and was diagnosed with Lupus 8 years ago. I live in Cleveland Ohio. I am a proud single parent of a beautiful daughter who is a junior in Charleston Southern University, SC. Along with Lupus I have Asthma, Spinabifada, Raynauds disease, Hashimoto's disease & Fibromyalgia just to name a few.  I've given up skiing and many other things then about 2.5 years ago I had to sell my house and move into an apartment, I felt robbed of life and didn't care about anything. I felt sorry for myself even though I know people who are way worse off then me, my brother was born a paraplegic from Spinabifida. My oldest sister sent me 4 angel statues that spell out HOPE. On the bottom of each she put our names, hers, my other sister, my daughter and mine.  I hated those angels for a while until a bit later when a cousin was shopping and found a little cross that had HOPE written on it and sent it to me.  So I adopted HOPE. This past March for my 47th birthday my daughter talked me into getting matching tattoo's, by the way she does not like tattoos but wanted to do this for me, a sign that no matter what happens in life there is HOPE and she will always remember me and our struggle with Lupus. The tat is located on our left leg inside above the ankle. Mine is the fist one.

The one saying survivor is mine. Surviving lupus and all that it brings now for 5years. And the one with the butterfly on the wrist my husband, father and there brothers got this to support me.

Renee Lupus Tattoo I am sending a picture of my Lupus tattoo. I don't have Lupus, but had the tatt done for my BFF/lil sis Shannon Godfrey recently diagnosed in the last 6 months. She saw it and loved it and how cool it would be for a tattoo. And also said she'd never get a tattoo as she's seen enough needles in her life. Didn't tell her, but decided I would do it. Next decision was where to get it. So decided on one of the first places she was having pain. In her left knee, it's located just below my knee on the outside. I knew it was going to hurt for this time around and I was correct in it being painful and uncomfortable to have it done. But nothing in comparison to her ongoing pain. Thank you for the opportunity to show off my ink. It's quite special to me. :) Renee Eastwood

Kelsey Lupus TattooThis is my lupus tat. I decided to combined the two since my mom has been fighting for her life here lately and now I at the age of 25 have been diagnosed with it as well. We are together in the fight and she is the only one who truly knows what I go through when I have flares. Not everyone understands or knows what we go through. The purple and orange are for the awareness and hope to find a cure. I will be adding words to it at sometime just waiting for the right ones to come to me. Kelsey

Gina Marie Lupus Tattoo Hey my name is Gina Marie. It took my doctors Years before they diagnosis me with SEL Lupus. Like the others they tested me for everything. Even had a specialist come down to help. I was diagnosis with many of the symptoms before they final caught the Positive ANA. Over the years I have all of the symptoms now. My kidneys are starting to shut down. It started with blood when I went to the rest room. And the pain is so unbearable at times. I had moved to a state now where most of the doctors don't know how to treat me. It's sad. I have been in a coma. It has affected my nerves system something awful. My Tattoo is not finished but I wanted to share it with you all.

April Lupus TattooApril Lupus TattooMy name is April and I am 44 years old. I was diagnosed with Lupus in October 2008, and Fibromyalgia in March 2009. I also have Raynaud's and Sjogrens. The first Tattoo to symbolize my Lupus was my cure 4 lupus tattoo (front wrist of right arm), I fell in love with it the first time I opened up your site. My second tattoo regarding my disease, is my Lupus and Fibromyalgia Awareness tattoo (front wrist of left arm). Shopping on your site I saw a pin of a cherub holding onto a ribbon. The minute I saw it I knew I had to have that pin turned into a tattoo, and I wanted to make people aware of not only Lupus, but of fibromyalgia. I have had both since I was 14, but never had a real diagnosis until 2008. All my life I grew up with doctors telling my mom I was not sick, I was looking for attention. As an adult my doctor kept looking for Lyme disease. A wonderful PA named Gina saw me one August afternoon and listened to everything I told her. I was going to give up looking for answers if she didn't believe me. Not only did she believe me, but she ran every blood test she could. I was referred to a wonder Rheumy who gave me and my husband the horrible news I have SLE Lupus. Relief to find out what was wrong with me FINALLY, mad no cure!!, depression why me!!, and now FIGHTING! Because I have placed my tattoos on the front of my arms on my wrists, people ask me about lupus and fibro all the time and I LOVE making them aware of these HORRIBLE diseases!!

Vida Lupus TattooI was diagnosed at age 48 with SLE. I designed this tattoo as a 50th birthday gift to myself. It reminds me of the strength we all have living with lupus every day. The journey is the reward. Vida

Lupus Tattoo My name is Melanie. I was diagnosed in the summer of 2009. I got my tattoo to keep me going on those days you want to give up

Cara Lupus TattooI decided on a wolf because they are fighters, they have their loyal pack (friends and family for me, and lupus support group friends). The tattoo is a reminder to never give up, keep fighting, have strength and courage and to never back down. Lupus is also Latin for wolf and ever since I was a child I have been obsessed in wolves which is quite uncanny. It's on my thigh and the pain wasn't unbearable. I'm currently not on any medication but was for my previous tattoo a year ago, it is healing well so far.

Hello, my name is Veronica and I have been wanting to get this tattoo for a while now, and I finally did it today. I am wearing this ribbon for myself. I was diagnosed 7 years ago with minimal symptoms. Just within the last year have I had some more serious symptoms to include joint pain and given medication just to be able to move. This tattoo is the Lupus ribbon with a butterfly (woman) signifying that she has the wings and ability to fly away and do anything she wants, however she is being held down and constricted by Lupus. I need to remind myself to have the courage, strength and hope to continue carrying on day by day.

Lupus TattooI looked and looked at different tattoos that represent lupus and awareness! My Mom and I both have lupus and both went and got matching tattoos last weekend. I took ideas from different tattoos I saw online and I drew up one for us! I Jus wanted to share it with everyone.

Maria's Lupus TattooI just got my first tattoo and I wanted it to mean more than just skin deep I got the word strength with a purple butterfly. I was diagnosed when I was 15 I'm 21 now and it just represents the struggles I've had to go through and its a reminder to be strong no matter where life takes me and to have hope no matter what.. I love it and its healing pretty good also.

Paula's Lupus Warrior TattooMy name is Paula and I'm from Portugal. I was diagnosed with SLE when I was 8 years old and I am now 32. I have lupus nephritis, asthma and I'm on a lot of medication. I got my tattoo last year (2010). It is on my right shoulder and comes down to the arm. Its my "Lupus tattoo" and for me it represents my fight, my transformation and my strenght. I wear purple for all my brothers and sisters out there! I am a Lupus Warrior and I will never give up!

Julie's Lupus TattooHi! My name is Julie. Just before my 30th birthday I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus after a year of confusing tests and getting sicker and sicker. I am a felony parole officer and have really struggled with the stress my job causes and it's toll on my health.I am really fortunate to have been diagnosed so quickly compared to many others. For my birthday, my sweet husband got me my lupus tattoo. It's on my right upper arm so it can be easily seen. Idecided ona purple butterfly placed on the cross with rays of hope shining through.My faith in the Lord has helped me through all of this and given me strength on the days I had none of my own. It is my reminderI don't have to carry this disease alone and that I have the Lord to see me through.In the meantime, I will continue "Praying for a cure for Lupus".I plan for my next tattoo to be on my left inner forearm with the verse: Jesus said, "My grace is sufficient for you. For My strength is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9.

Katlyn's Tattoo This is a picture of my lupus tattoo. I got it when i was 18, I was diagnosed when I was 12. It's been such a difficult time, but it only makes me a stronger person. I have good days and bad days. I didn't experience any kind of reaction when I got my tattoo, and i of course made sure that the place and equipment was cleaned three times, to prevent any sort of infection, and i took very good care to disinfect the area with soap afterwards. I am very proud of my tattoo and show it off often, andI hope a cure is found soon! Stay Strong fellow lupies! Katlyn Michele Lenz

Chelsea's Lupus Tattoo My name is Chelsea and I'm 20. I was diagnosed with lupus on January 4th, 2011, although I suspected for a long time that I had it. I got this tattoo 3 years ago, and I am struck by the meaning of it today. The name Cailey is for my Daughter Cailey.

Jenna's Lupus TattooJenna's Lupus Tattoo This is on my left wrist I am 26 now and was diagnosed when I was 18 in my senior year in highschool. I'm from Mcalester Oklahoma. My 2nd tattoo on my ankle, I love dolphins plus I have lupus so I thought to join them together. ~*~Jenna Marie's iPhone~*~

Victoria's Lupus Tattoo I wanted to do a butterfly when the doctor told me that I had Lupus, that is now almost five years ago. And I'm still fighting against it. / Victora, 23 Sweden

Lupus TattooI have had lupus for 37 years and receive your newsletter.I am forwarding this artwork of a tattoo. The ownerof the tattoo, Francie Rogovin,has alsohad lupus for many years. She thought that was be a great way to have her condition known in an art form ad well as a Medic Alert that didn't wear off. Please share this example of our convictions to a Cure. Sincerely, Kerry Mertle, Sonoma County Lupus Support Group.

This is a pic of my tattoo that I just got for my wife. She has been battling lupus since 1992 before we met. We are currently beginning the process for a double lung transplant. The wings of my tattoo represent the freedom she will get if/when she is able to get new lungs. Shes such a fighter...she teaches me something new about life each and every day.Jack

Josette Lupus Tattoo I was dignosed with lupus at the age of 15, but never really had a problem with it till recently. There are days where the join pains are horrible and its hard to keep my smile on but I do. I am almost 20 and I made a design when I was 18 of a tattoo I wanted to get and finnally got it done. Although its simple it means alot. I may have Lupus but Lupus does not have me. I have it on my shoulder blade bc I do carry the wait of it but I do it strongly. LUPUS- Live United Pry Unlimited Strength Josette Felicies

Lindsie's Lupus TattooMy mom was diagnosed with SLE Lupus, March 2010. My sister and I were going to get our past tattoo's touched up, when we returned home with these new tattoo's to honor our hero, our mother. We believe that having these tattoo's will help create awareness and help find a cure to eliminate Lupus from people's lives and to save someone we love with all our hearts.
Lindsie Driver

Jeanette's Lupus TattooWhen I was 27 years old, I decided to get a tattoo of butterflies. When I seen this particular tattoo, I fell in love with it. When the tattoo artist asked what colors did I want, I said to the artist you choose the colors. I had no participation in choosing the colors. At the time, I was unaware of lupus or that 8 years later I would have a diagnosis of SLE. After the diagnosis I researched the disease and it amazes me how the butterflies, the color purple are a symbol of lupus andhow the disease has had animpact on me. Jeanette Fortez

Rachel West Lupus TattooI was diagnosed with Lupus 6 years ago. I am lucky that I havent had to endure some of the treatments and sicknesss some of my fellow survivors have had to. I have a 9 year old that I am still explaining Lupus to. I have had the worst time with doctors, and I also have quite a fear of them. I saw your tattoos and it inspired me to get one, now when someone asks, I can explain Lupus to them and remind them that there is little funding for research. Maybe if enough people ask, then people will begin to pay more attention to us.

Alishea Lupus TattooI got this tattoo for my mother when I turned 18. I know thepain i experienced during this is nothing compared to what my mother deals with everyday. I got this for her. My strong fighting mother :) ~ Alishea ~

Bonnie's Lupus TattooMy name is Bonnie and I was diagnosed with Lupus 6 years ago. While researching Lupus tattoo designs I came across your Lupus and Tattoos page a couple months ago. I would be honored if you would consider posting the attached picture of the Lupus butterfly tattoo my wonderful husband designed to go across my lower back. I just got the tattoo three weeks ago and I am soo proud of it. The butterfly and colors represent my battle with Lupus over the past several years. The initials "A" (upside down, top left wing), "R" (bottom, left wing), and "B" (bottom, right wing) within the scroll design represent my daughter Ashley, my husband Rick, and myself Bonnie.

Lupus TattooI have been fighting Lupus since 2004. I designed this across my chest, just under my collar bone, about 2 years ago. While the imagery may not be obvious to the casual observer it has very personal significance to me. The stars are purple as the color of the awareness ribbon. During some particularly rough battles it is a reminder that despite what I go through I will continue to reach for the stars.One day I will have that phrase inked as well.

Amy's Lupus Tattoo ButterflyAmy's Lupus Tattoo ButterflyI was just diagnosed with Lupus a month ago. I also have Dermatomyositis. I got this tattoo for Lupus awareness, I'm going to add a little purple in there somewhere for Lupus and Domestic Violence awareness. A friend of mine from HS drew it up for me and my fiance' and I tattooed it! Amy Henderson

Cora's Lupus attooMy name is Cora and i am 18 years old.I was diagnosed with lupus in April of 06'. Its been four years and i thought that i would like to get a tattoo to show how much i went through with lupus. The LWL represents life without lupus, and my statement of " i am more than this disease" is how i feel each and everyday because i know i am strong and i will not let it beat me.

Gretchen's Lupus TatooThis is my Lupus tattoo. I loved the design and wanted it in a spot that it would always be seen. The quote is "more than my own life." I have 4-year old quintuplets, and my battle is about more than my own life. I have 5 little people depending on me, and they are my reason to fight.

April's Lupus TattooI recently got this tattoo for my mom. She was diagnosed with lupus many years ago and is doing fabulous since. She will not however look at my tattoo. She refuses to see it and I'm hoping she comes around and sees it since it is about her and she is the person I want to see it the most.

Amy's Lupus TattooMy name is Amy, I have been suffering with lupus for years. Today my husband went and got this tatoo for me. The butterfly in middle of the tribal represents my battle against lupus, actually it would be more appropriate to say OUR battle against lupus, as he is in this with me everyday. The symbols say "For the Cure", as we are praying for a cure everyday. I would love for this picture to be posted, it means the world to me, and I would like to share it with theworld!

Thank you, Amy

Amanda Lupus Tattooi this tattoo in honor of my sister Amada. she was diagnosed with sle when she was 15. i loved kim's tattoo pictured below and thought this is what i want (hope she doesnt mind) i gotthe ribbon with wings onapril 1st 2009 and showed my sister that i am truly honored and blessed to have her. sadly she passed away sept 5th 2009 leaving behind her 3yr old son. jan 25 2010 i got added her name and stars. she lost her battle with lupus but im still not giving up fighting for others. im adopting my nephew and im gonna make sure he knows what a hero his mother and all of you living with lupus are. never give up hope. god bless you all and thank you

Lupus Tattoo Purple Ribbon Cure LupusI was recently diagnosed with Lupus on November of 09'. This is my tribute for all the crap Lupus has put me thru. Even tho it covers most of my arm,I'm still underneath. The real me. Rockin' purple for Lupus always!

Lupus Tattoo My name is Brieann i was diagnosed with SLE in January 2005 while a senior in high school i am now 23. This tattoo represents the battle that so many of us are fighting. The butterflies are a symbol how one day we all hope to be free from lupus and fly free like these butterflies. Stay strong and keep on fighting! ~Brieann~

Lupus Tattoo I was recently diagnosed with Lupus in August 2009. My aunt also has Lupus and we are fighting this together. I got this tattoo in September. It symbolizes a young girl praying for a cure while crying of fear.

Lupus Tattoo My name is Tiffany, i am 17. I got diagnosed October of 2008, i was 16. I have lupus, fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Lupus Tattoo Hi my name is Monica and this is my tattoo of the lupus butterfly. I got this for my first cousin Annette. She is actually more than a cousin, she is the sister I never had. Since I was a baby she has always looked after me. She has been there for me thru some really dark times in my life. She was diagnosed with Lupus in 1999 and Fibromyalgia this year. I got the butterfly on the inside of my left wrist because we are both south paws and in support of her fight with Lupus. I want her to know always that she is not alone in her battle with this disease, and that I will always be there for her no matter what. I love her with all my heart.

Lupus Tattoo Here is my tattoo. It represents my family. I am the large purple butterfly at the top, symbolic of lupus. Each of my 3 girls are a butterfly and we (the butterflies) surround a celtic tree of life. I am of Scottish heritage and this symbol means family and strong like an oak tree. It took me many years to finally come up with this design. I had it done by Miss Autumne at Integrity Tattoo in Maryville, TN and it is on my right shoulder. I had very little bleeding problems and healed quickly. Thanks for sharing, Karie Charsha', Dx w/ SLE 2005

Lupus Tattoo My name is Suzanne and I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis in 1995. I have since had a kidney transplant and just this August I had my first child, a baby girl. The tattoo represents my fight with lupus as well as my miracle baby. The smaller butterfly has my little girl's initials in the wings.

Lupus TattooLupus Tattoo I was diagnosed with sle about 6 months ago. I have an aweful tattoo on my leg I have wanted to cover for about 10 years now. When I saw your website about a week ago I finally made my choice on what to cover it with! Thank you for the inspiration. I attached the before and after. Rhea

Lupus Tattoo

Lupus Tattoo

Lupus Tattoo This tattoo is on my left shoulder and is all for me. I have wanted a tattoo for years and finally decided that I wanted the butterfly and purple ribbon because Lupus kicks my butt on a daily basis. I am allergic to everything and had no reaction to the dye. I am on aspirin because I have a clotting disorder and I never bled. Believe it or not...this barely even hurt!

Lupus Tattoo Here's a pix of my latest....It's the breast cancer ribbon & the lupus ribbon connected by a butterfly....I have a few tatts, but this one really really means something! My mom is a survivor of breast cancer AND I have lupus...although the butterfy symbolizes lupus, it also symbolizes recovery from drug addiction...and that's me as well...3 1/2 years and counting....please post my tat! Jilli

Lupus Tattoo The of right now!..the ribbon will be filled in eventually.

Lupus Tattoo Dear Friends- Ok strange but true story. i am 27 years old. i got this tatoo on sept. 10, 2001 at 11:45 p.m. (yes, a few moments to the day of 9/11). Igot it to signify freedom for MY independence, ten it took on a whole new meaning after 9/11 which was freaky enough. NOW it has a whole nother significance since i am in the process of being diagnosed with sle. you can't tell, but the butterfly is purple, btw. weird, but an awesome tribute. KEEP FIGHTING my friends! amanda lewis

Lupus TattooOne butterfly for each of my kids.

Lupus Tattoo

Lupus TattooMy sister and I dicide to get ours first tatoo on behave of my mother. She got diagnosed Lupus a few years ago. Our Mom is our inspiration. "She got Lupus but the Lupus don't got her".

Lupus Tattoo Lupus Tattoo Lupus Tattoo My name is Lauran, I am 19, and my mama was diagnosed with Lupus quite a few years ago. I just got this tattoo last night for her, inspired by the Dorough Lupus Foundations "Wings of Hope" Logo. My mother is my heart and soul and everyday I pray that there will someday be a Cure for Lupus. I came across this page and thought I would share my 13th tattoo and one of my most cherrished, along with my tattoo of my mothers Handprints on my shoulders, between them it says Tenga Sopra, which translates to Hold On in Italian, meaning "No Matter How Bad Things Get If You Can Just Hold On, Eventually They Will Have To Get Better". and underneith that i have "Love, Mama", in my moms handwriting.... She will always be with me and this disease will never Have her!!! Thank you for all the information you provide. All of the People fighting Lupus are so strong... -Lauran

Lupus TattooThis is my new tattoo - it is only a few hours old here. I was inspired, obviously, by some of the pictures on your website. I wanted the butterfly colors to be like those of the blue morpho butterfly, because I had worked with them in Costa Rica. The tattoo is on my upper left deltoid, where I can look at it every day as a reminder of my fight to not let this disease control my life.

Lupus Tattoo Lupus Tattoo I have always loved wolves and the color purple so I guess my diagnosis is pretty ironic. I got the wolf tattoo 11 years ago, 10 years before my diagnosis. I was diagnosed in April 2008 after a severe flare of my Malar rash (didn't know that's what it was then). I am learning to accept that I have this disease and got my butterfly/ribbon opposite my wolf. I have 3 more in the works, all tied to lupus in some way and will post them as they are completed.

Lupus Tattoo My name is Chrissy, I am 27years old! I was diagnosed with Lupus about 2 weeks ago.... After being scared and pretty much in denial about the whole thing I decided that I had to deal with it since I will have it for the rest of my life! Until now I didnt know anyone who had Lupus, but I just found out that my moms cousin does have it and has been dealing with it for some time! I Just got this tattoo about a week ago, (its my 11th one!) and it means so much to me! I got the idea from this website and just had a little bit of changes! I love it and I have gotten nothing but great comments on it! It was a very painful tattoo, the most painful out of all of them but it was completely worth it! I am going to continue to research about the disease, and do all i can to help in anyway! Thank you for all the helpful infor on your website!

Lupus Tattoo Lupus Tattoo Hi my name is Keith White and my wife has Lupus, her name is Lori. She is a RN at Connecticut Childrens Hospital. We have been married now for almost 20 years and I love her more today then I did the day I met her and I fell in love with her the moment our eyes met for the first time. She is the most caring and loving person I know and I hate that she has to deal with the pain and discomfort that lupus and it's treatments can bring. I have several tattoos, so finally this past Friday, I went to my Tatto Artist "Gypsy" from Body Graphics of South Windsor Connecticut. I showed her a printout of the Lupus symbols and she came up with a design for me. I have attached two photos the first is the design which I have on my left inside forearm, The purple Butterfly (Look Closely) and my wife's name LORI in the wings, one side is as u see it writing and one side is mirror image so I see her name when I look at it in mirror. The second is the design when I hold my arm up or the original flipped 180 degrees, disclosing the WOLF.

Lupus Tattoo I got my tattoo 2 days ago. You may not be able to see it but my sons name Clayton, is in the ribbon to symbolize my fighting lupus so i can be there for him. Suzy

Lupus Tattoo I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2004, after being sick for over a year and seeing many many doctors. I was devastated. My Aunt Penny died in 1990 from complications of Lupus and I had grown up hearing the horrors of Lupus. My grandmother never got over her death. I have learned to manage my Lupus and live a somewhat "normal" life (my grandmother died a year before my diagnosis). I am a full time police officer and the happy mother of three. I got the tattoo just after my 31st birthday (on my upper back) in honor of my achievements over the past 4 years and in memory of Penny. Carrie

Lupus Tattoo Just got my tattoo 2 days ago, i love it no bad effects so far. I really love this web site and the merchandise for purchase, keep up the good work

Anticoagulant Tattoo Hi my name is Emily. I have Lupus and Antiphospholipid syndrome. I am 30 years old and have been ill for over 10 years. On February 13th it will be 10 years that I have been on Anticoagulants. 9 years ago I was told there was no hope of ever getting off them. At the time I only had one tattoo. I had been told not to get tattoo's by many of my Dr.'s and the pharmacist who doses my Coumadin. However I was also told I would never live through a pregnancy (I have since had 2 children James is 5 and Anya is 4 months old). They are my lil miracles. So this shows Dr.'s don't know everything. A few years ago one of the Dr.'s said the reason we have to tell you no is because their are no studies on blood thinners and tattoo's. So right away I went and got my first tattoo since being on anticoagulants (blood thinners). It is my Anticoagulation Patient tattoo. I have since got 5 more for a total of 7 tattoos. I thought I was done with them but after seeing everyone else's lupus tattoo's I am rethinking that. Maybe for my next birthday I will get a lupus tattoo. Thanks, Emily

Lupus Tattoo I have been on Cytoxan (1996 - 1999) and Cell Cept (Feb 2007 - Present) for Lupus Nephritis and so I got this butterfly on my back right side, where my kidney is located. The tattoo is also the approximate size of a kidney. Basically my symbol saying Lupus will not win! I continue to survive :) ~Alonna

Lupus Tattoo I have systemic lupus and have still gotten tattoos. I currently have three and am working on the fourth. I've had no adverse reactions.

Lupus Tattoo Symbol of my Lupus The Purple Ribbon and Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon for my Sis and Mom . Blue & yellow in Butterflies for Ethan (DownSyndrome).

Lupus Tattoo I have two one my back of my shoulders.. and two on my neck, both in support of Lupus. The first one is Chinese lettering that says Wolf, done in purple, and excellent shading. The other is an orange ribbon.. now I know some ppl say that the lupus ribbon is purple however I have seen an orange ribbon as well so I got one too lol...

Lupus Tattoo This is what I call my Lupus tattoo because shortly after I received this tattoo. I was diagnosed with Lupus. I was having a lupus flare the day I received this tattoo and did not know. Although it is not as big, bright, or as beautiful as it was I can tell by the colors whether my day will be flare free or not. Kesha Dan"All things happen for a reason"


Lupus Tattoo Hi this is Kim, I was one you inspired to copy your tattoo. I know it isn't exactly like yours but it's still nice. I chose my calf area! Thanks for the inspiration! Your fellow Lupie, Kim

Lupus Tattoo My name is Margaret. In July of 2007 I was told that I have Lupus. I was scared and confused. For months I thought the Lupus would destroy me. Later that year I went home for Christmas and gave myself this gift. The butterfly is hovering, ready to fly away. This image was inspired by a picture of a woman holding this butterfly with both hands. My daughter and I saw it as putting it in Gods Hands!

Lupus TattooJust saw some really good pics of lupus tattoos thought i would send in mind you because of the lupus and steroids i was on at the time it healed really poorly and i am wanting to go back and get it redone... Deanielle Durant

Lupus Tattoo I debated and searched for something unique and personally designed. I got my tattoo after having amazing labs after such a long time! I'm not in remission but I am very well controlled and got the o.k. from my physician to go for it! I got my tattoo July 2, 2008 on my upper left shoulder. I had no reaction and healed up nicely. This is the only tattoo I will ever get. The symbol of this bitter sweet diesease. I got the purple shading as a symbolic color of our ribbon.

Lupus Tattoo I thought I would share my tattoo with everyone that I had done on my foot. My mom has been dealing with Lupus for about 15 years now. ~Candice~

Lupus Tattoo Hi my name is Nikki and I have had lupus since 2004. I did not want the traditional butterfly so I went for the wolf and added the diagnostic code

Lupus Tattoo I'm 18 years old and I was diagnosed with Lupus 4 years ago. I just recently got my tattoo and I didn't experience any type of complications. The name in the middle of the ribbon is my name.

Anthony's Lupus TattoosMy name is Dara Roberts, I was diagnosed in November of 05 with SLE. The end of 10 and into 11 were rough on me, had to take a 6 month cycle of cytoxin as I was in stage 4 kidney failure in November 10, it was Lupus Nephritis. The cytoxin did its job, Im feeling much better, my last treatment was April 15, and now Im back on the CellCept. Attached are some photos of me, my family and friends that all went together to get tattoos to mark the occasion. I have a remarkable support system!

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